Welcome Foodies!

Hey Foodies! Welcome to Bhukkad Adda! There’s a reason you and me are here. There’s the ‘FOOD’ connection that goes way beyond our imagination.

You are here because you are mad about food. Well, so am I. This is the perfect destination for a food lover like you. Dive deep to attain the “Food Nirvana”.

The Bhukkad Adda which translates to ‘ideal location for hungry foodies’ is not the type of food-blog that you come across normally. It stretches way beyond the clichéd food recipes, instructions, ingredients, preparation of dishes. Explore the blog for offerings!

We all love eating don’t we? Pack your bags and get ready for this memorable food journey where you’ll discover the intricacies and facts of food, way beyond what you might have imagined.
About Me: A passionate foodie who loves cooking and eating, a digital marketer by profession and a traveller by choice. Follow on zomato.com/choosiefoodie

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