The Golden City of “Amrit”

Yes! You guessed it right I am talking about one of the biggest city in the state of Punjab. The city origin lies in the village of Tung, and was named after the lake founded by the fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das in 1574. Enough of history, for it’s the city of “Amrit=Food”.

The city and narrow lanes filled with the aroma of food is the perfect place for any foodie to be in. The creamy thick boiling milk, the golden fried jalebis, the pungent smell of spices in pindi-chole, the rusty roasted chicken, that’s literally “Love is in the Air”.  There is a long list to satisfy one’s taste bud: chole kulche, the thick lassi, matka kulfi, kali dal, chicken curry, tandoori chicken and what not. It’s paradise on earth.

The first encounter with the heavenly food was at the “world” famous Kesar da dhaba. I ordered paratha thali and there came the laccha parathas with ounces of the ghee on it, accompanied with chole and kali dal. Kali dal is a special dal as its cooked for straight 12 hours on low flame giving it the thick creamy texture. To end it like a perfect dinner, I had Phirni and trust me the taste of the elaichi (cardamom) with the rice and milk was so perfect that i can still taste the same in my mouth.

Kesar da dhaba


I was drooling over the food and wasn’t over it and again it was time for the breakfast, time to try few more lip smacking delicacies. Amritsari kulcha with chole and lassi direct from The Kulcha Land was my royal breakfast. The kulcha that was served was the best in the world. I ordered masala kulcha and plain kulcha which was served with chole and kachumbar salad. The lassi was thick and the perfect sweet. Look for yourself what I am talking about:

Kulcha Land

The day started with the divine visit to theThe Golden Temple. The peaceful and tiring day called for the satvik and simple langar at the gurudwara. This was the  best food in the whole trip, served with love and sense of service towards humanity. Punjabi Kadhi, Kali Dal, Roti, Rice and Kheer.


The day ended with a street shopping and bags full of phulkaaris, handmade papads and dal badi. The next day started with the touristy visits to Jallianwala Bagh, Partition Museum and the historical streets of Amritsar. For lunch we landed up at Brothers Dhaba and ended up discovering the adorable, colourful matka kulfi. The kulfi was creamy with perfect taste of dry fruits in it. With so much food in the past 2-3 days we ended up ordering the usuals, Rajma Chawal and Butter Paneer and Naan for the lunch to end the foodilious journey to the golden city of “Amritsar”!

Matka_Kulfi_1Matka KulfiBrothers Dhaba


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